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Papa's Duck Poppers

Submitted By: FieldStaff
2012-09-15 12:56:22

This is a unique new way to serve duck that provides a great blend of flavors. And, as they say, everything is better with bacon!

Time: 30 min   •   Prep Time: 20 min   •   Cook Time: 10 min
Serving Size: 4 entree servings or more appetizer servings


4 wild duck breast halves (deboned)
1 regular brick of cream cheese (Refrigerate so it is firm and you are able to slice)
1 jar mild, medium, or hot jalapeno pepper slices
1 package of thick cut, uncooked bacon
1 bottle of Italian Dressing
1 box of wooden toothpicks


- Clean the duck breasts, de-bone and remove skin
- Place breast in a plastic Zip-Lok bag or container and pour Italian dressing over breasts
- Marinate in the refigerator for 3-6 hours
- Fire up the grill
- While the grill is preheating, remove the duck breasts from the marinade and butterfly them so there is a cavity in the middle.
- In the butterflied breast cavity, place a slice of cream cheese and several jalapeno peppers.
- Fold the butterflied breast back over so it surrounds the cream cheese and peppers.
- Wrap the breast with bacon.
- Secure the breasts from opening with the bacon wrap with toothpicks.
- When the grill is ready, grill breasts approximately 5 minutes a side (Medium rare is best).
- Remove from grill and serve each breast as an entree or cut it into bite-size portions and serve as appetizers.


Soak the breasts in salted ice water for 30 minutes before adding to italian dressing to help remove some of the blood and wild game taste. Rinse and pat dry before adding to the dressing.


  • DuckBuckGoose

    Submitted On: 2013-03-03 06:05:49

    They call this "gateway duck", because everybody's going to like it. Then once they try this, then they may be open to more duck dishes. Easy and fun to make...plus it has bacon. C'mon.

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